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About Bramshot Farm 


Bramshot Farm Country Park provides 91 acres of open meadows and woodlands, providing plentiful space for dog walking and other outdoor pursuits. 

A total of 2.5 kilometres of surfaced and unsurfaced pathways weave throughout the meadow complex to cater for all abilities and interests. A surfaced 1.3 kilometre (approx. 30 minutes walk) path loops out from the car park and is suitable for buggies and wheelchairs alike. Benches are dotted along the route at regular intervals so that you can take a seat and enjoy the scenery. Mown pathways extend a further kilometre into the Country Park, offering a chance to explore the site further and exercise any energetic furry friends! 

The Country Park is easily accessed from the car park on Bramshot Lane, where you can start your walk along our surfaced pathway the ‘Leaping Hare Loop’. An additional pedestrian entrance is located off of Juniper road via the A327 underpass. 

Easy parking is available at the sites main car park on Bramshot Lane, with spaces available for blue badge holders. Please note that the car park has a height restriction of 2 metres and will be locked overnight (9pm - 6am). 

The wildlife lover should keep an eye out for some great bird species, as well as reptiles and a small population of Great Crested Newts. 

Progress Updates 

- We have completed a number of projects this year which include wildflower margins surrounding the carpark and ditch work to alleviate surface water. We also have plans to install a heritage orchard during the autumn/winter months.  

- Hart District Council brought the land in the Summer 2017 where planning permission was officially granted to create a Country Park

- Press release: Land secured by Hart for a new Country Park

- In Autumn 2017, works started to create pathways and install other features within the country park.  1.3 kilometres of wide, surfaced path was laid throughout the first few fields, and way markers were installed to help visitors navigate their way around. A car park with provision for 43 vehicles was laid, with 4 spaces allocated to blue badge holders.

- Press release: Gates set to open at Bramshot Farm

- On the 22nd November 2017, the Country Park was officially opened to the public.

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