Crookham Village

 Crookham Village

The village centre has grown up amid scattered ancient cottages, of which many are timber-framed. The rich soils in the area mean that agriculture and horticulture are important industries. Hops were grown and processed in the parish until 1974. Former clay-based industries for which Crookham was once noted were brick making and potteries which produced coarse red ware of the flower-pot-type.

Crookham is the only place in Britain where tobacco has been grown and processed commercially. Some of the roads in the area are named because of this connection; for example, Brandon Road (Mr. Brandon was the original manufacturer) and Blue Prior Court (Blue Prior was the brand name of the cigarettes made from Crookham tobacco).

The Basingstoke Canal flows through Crookham and crosses the River Hart on a high embankment. Coal and timber were once shipped at Crookham Wharf where there is now a car park and picnic area.

Parish profile

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Neighbourhood Plan

On the 7th of August 2014, Hart District Council approved the designation of the whole parish of Crookham Village as a Neighbourhood Area, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Details of the Neighbourhood Area can be viewed below:

Crookham Village Parish Council Covering Letter: Neighbourhood Plan
Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan Area Map and Survey 2012/13 

Details of the progress on the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed below:

Stage Detail
Crookham Village NP Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulation Assessment Screening Determination This document sets out whether there is a need for the Plan to produce a Strategic Environmental Assessment or Habitat Regulation Assessment. It concludes that there is no need for further assessment.

Further details of the Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan are available from the Crookham Village Parish Council website.

Crookham Village Parish Council contact details


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