Election Information

Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Elections - 6 May 2021

For further information regarding the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, please visit the Southampton City Council webpages.

Hampshire County Council and Local Elections – 6 May 2021 

Because these polls may be run with COVID-19 restrictions in place, some of our normal service delivery standards will not be possible. We will always comply with the minimum legislative standards.  

Discussions are still ongoing with contractors and suppliers with regard to when documentation will be issued and which polling stations will be available. 

Please keep checking this webpage regularly for updates. This page will be updated regularly until polling day. 

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What polls are taking place? 

Election of a ward councillor for each of the 11 wards of Hart District Council 

By-election for a ward councillor in the Crookham West and Ewshot ward of Hart District Council 

Election of a County Councillor for 5 divisions of Hampshire County Council 

Election of a Police & Crime Commissioner Hampshire 

Election of 8 parish councillors for the parish of Crondall 

Election of 5 parish councillors for the parish of Ewshot 

Election of 5 parish councillors for the parish of Dogmersfield 

Election of 2 parish councillors for the Crookham Village ward of the parish of Crookham Village  

Election of 5 parish councillors for the Zebon ward of the parish of Crookham Village  

Election of 1 parish councillor for the Netherhouse ward of the parish of Crookham Village  

By-Election of 1 parish councillor for the Yateley Green ward of Yateley Town Council

Neighbourhood planning referendum for Crondall parish  

Neighbourhood planning referendum for Crookham Village parish  

Will the polls go ahead despite Covid19? 

The government announced on the 13/01/2021 that the polls would go ahead.  

Will it be safe to vote? 

We will comply with social distancing guidelines in force at the time of the poll.  

These may involve restricting access to the polling station which could mean you have to wait outside until permitted to enter.  

Where is my Polling Station going to be? 

We hope to have polling station bookings confirmed by 25/02/2021. Polling stations may be different to normal and you should check your poll card carefully for details.  

When will poll cards be issued?

They will be sent around the 22/03/2021 

Candidates guide and nomination papers available 

15/03/2021 in paper format. 

Nomination papers are available for download now from www.electoralcommission.org.uk 

A virtual meeting will be held on the 9 March at 5.00pm for Agents of Political Parties or any Independent Candidates that may be standing. The meeting will cover changes to the nomination process and voting in light of COVID. If you wish to attend, then please contact us with your personal details as soon as possible: elections@hart.gov.uk

Publication of the Notice of Election 


Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner - Notice of Candidates Election Address

Hampshire County Council

Hart District Council


Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - Crookham Village & Crondall

Receipt of Nominations 

22/03/2021 until 08/04/2021

This office is only open to accept nominations between 10.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 22/03/2021 and 10.00am until 4.00pm on 08/04/2021.

Please ring the door bell for attention.

Outside of the hours above you can post your papers in the letterbox located at the front of the building.

Publication of the Statements of Persons Nominated 

Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Hampshire County Council

Hart District Council


Notice of Election Agents - County

Notice of Election Agents - District

Uncontested Elections - Parish

Uncontested Election - Netherhouse Parish Ward (no candidates were nominated)

Last day to Register to Vote 

Midnight 19/04/2021 

Last day to apply for a Postal Vote, or change your absent voting arrangements 

5.00pm 20/04/2021 

When will I receive my Postal Vote? 

Postal votes for electors that made postal vote applications before the 01/04/2021 will be issued around the 16/04/2021 

Postal votes for all other electors will be issued around the 22/04/2021  

Receipt of proxy applications  

5.00pm 27/04/2021 

Appointment of Poll and Count Agents 


First day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers 


Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications 

5.00pm 06/05/2021 

Polling Day 

7.00am until 10.00pm 06/05/2021 

Frequently asked questions: 

I am Citizen of an EU member state other than the UK, can I vote?  

Yes, you will be able to vote at these polls. 

I am on the register but I am 16 or 17 on polling day, will I be able to vote?  

No you will not be able to vote unless you are 18 on or before polling day. 

How do I vote?

In the UK, there are three different ways you can vote. How you vote is up to you. It may depend on what you find easiest or the most convenient method. Most people vote in person at a polling station. However, if you are not able to go to the polling station in person on election day, you can apply to vote by post or by proxy (someone voting on your behalf).

Where do I vote?

The most common method of voting is by casting your vote personally in a Polling Station.  There are a number of Polling Stations within the District of Hart, often they are located at the local village hall, school, church hall or at a public building.

Find your polling station for the next election. This takes you to an external organisation which is responsible for the information provided.

Polling Stations are chosen to be as convenient as possible for the electorate, with access for people with disabilities being a significant factor. Provisions are made for the disabled such as providing ramps up stairs or guides to assist voters.

However, we recognise that there are still some voters who will be unable to go to their Polling Station on the day of the election. If this is the case these voters may wish to consider applying to vote by post or proxy.

The situation of our Polling Stations does remain under regular review and any changes will be posted on this website.

Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

Neighbourhood Planning enables communities to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and is intended to give communities more of a say in the development of their local area.

Find out more information on our Neighbourhood Planning webpage


If you have any enquiries regarding electoral services please contact us:-

Electoral and Registration Services
Civic Offices
Harlington Way
GU51 4AE

Telephone 01252 774073, 01252 774157 or 01252 774158 or email elections@hart.gov.uk