Emerging development plans

This includes details of emerging or future plans and any consultations. 

Hart District Local Plan (Strategy and Sites) 2032

The Council has received the Report from Planning Inspector Jonathan Manning concluding that the Hart Local Plan (Strategy and Sites) 2032 is sound and capable of adoption incorporating his recommended Main Modifications.

Cabinet recommended on the 5th March 2020 that Council adopt the Plan incorporating the Inspector’s recommendations (see Paper F and Draft Minutes).

Council would have made a decision on adopting the Plan on 26 March 2020, had it not been for the restrictions in place due to coronavirus. The Plan will go to Council for adoption at the earliest opportunity.

The Plan benefits from a Cabinet recommendation to adopt and is as advanced as it can be prior to adoption. The Plan therefore carries significant weight in the determination of planning applications.

A working draft of the Plan incorporating the Inspector’s recommended changes has been prepared to help read and use the Plan.

Working Draft of Local Plan incorporating Inspectorate's Main Modifications

The Inspectors Report 

The Schedule of Main Modifications 

Hart Local Plan Strategy and Sites Proposed Submission Version February 2018 - this is the version of the Plan to which the Inspector's Report relates.

All documents referred to in the report are all available at the Examination Library.

Upon adoption the Policies Map will be updated accordingly, as shown at Maps EXAM2 to EXAM45 in the Examination Library but incorporating a set of further changes.

Maps EXAM2 to EXAM45 in a single pdf document

Further Changes to Policies Map

Local Development Scheme

This is the timetable for preparing the documents that will comprise the new local plan.

Traveller DPD

Work has commenced on a Traveller Development Plan Document which will address the accommodation needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople. For further information including details of a ‘call for sites’ please visit the Traveller DPD webpage.

Neighbourhood Plans

A number of Neighbourhood Plans are being prepared across the district. Further information can be found on our Neighbourhood Plans page.

Statement of Community Involvement

The SCI sets out Council policy for consultation on the Local Plan, Supplementary Planning Documents and planning applications.

Statement of Community Involvement

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Council has not yet introduced a CIL. Further details will be set out on the website in due course. 

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