We are proud to announce that Hart is now a Fairtrade district.

The journey began when students from Courtmoor and Heatherside schools gave a presentation to Cabinet and asked the Council to take the lead in the campaign to achieve Fairtrade Status for Hart.

In 2013 The Council passed a resolution to support Fairtrade. We have a  list of all the Fairtrade establishments in the district. This list shows only the establishments that we are aware of and if you know of any others that support and provide Fairtrade products please let us know.

We will need to renew the Fairtrade status every 2 years so over the coming months we plan to involve Parish Councils and other community organisations to raise awareness even further. We would like to encourage more residents and businesses to become involved. 

Fairtrade events in Hart

  • Thursday 4 April - 9am and 1pm - Fairtrade Craft Show at Church on the Heath, Fleet, GU51 1HA

Visit The Church on the Heath in Fleet for a morning of viewing Fairtrade craft, clothes, cards, chocolate, coffee and more.

What is Fairtrade?

International trade favours rich countries and large companies. Fairtrade aims to help farmers and workers in developing countries receive a fair price for the products they produce. Fairtrade ensures better working conditions and job security for producers, enabling them to improve and have more control over their lives.

More than 1.5 million farmers, workers and their families in 54 countries benefit from Fairtrade.

Fairtrade guarantees that:

  • Producers receive a fair minimum price to cover the costs of production
  • Workers in Fairtrade farms receive decent wages, have good working conditions and have the right to join a union
  • The producers receive an additional 'Fairtrade premium' to spend on projects to improve quality of life in their community, such as better healthcare and homes, education and electric lighting
  • All workers have a democratic say in all decisions affecting their lives

The Fairtrade mark

More than 4,500 products carry the Fairtrade mark. It is the most widely recognised ethical label in the world and guarantees that disadvantaged producers get a better deal. 

Sales of Fairtrade-certified products have grown by 40 per cent a year over the last five years.

Fairtrade groups and organisations

  • The Hart Fairtrade Steering group works to promote Fairtrade locally. For more information or to get involved please email Sue Moll via sue.asvannafairtrade@yahoo.co.uk 
  • The Hampshire Fairtrade Network is campaigning to get Fairtrade status for the county. Find out more about the Hampshire Fairtrade Network online, or get in touch using the contact details on this page
  • The Fairtrade Foundation provides information about Fairtrade, the Fairtrade mark, Fairtrade products and stockists

Support Fairtrade

How you can get involved with promoting Fairtrade locally. We have been supporting Fairtrade since 2012 and only serve Fairtrade products at meetings and events.

The Hart District has just received Fairtrade District status. This award by the Fairtrade Foundation recognises the work carried out by councils and other organisations to increase support for Fairtrade and the availability of Fairtrade products in their areas. There are more than 500 Fairtrade communities, districts and towns in the UK.

Support Fairtrade locally

There are many ways you can help:

  • Add some Fairtrade products to your weekly shop
  • Buy Fairtrade crafts, flowers, wines and luxury foods as gifts 
  • Ask your local shop to stock more Fairtrade products
  • Ask your favourite cafe, restaurant or pub to offer Fairtrade refreshments 
  • Ask your employer, school or voluntary group to 'Go Fairtrade'
  • Ask about the conditions for workers in factories when you buy clothes or trainers - also look for Fairtrade cotton products
  • Join the Hart Fairtrade Steering Group and help promote Fairtrade in our local area

Fairtrade events

A number of fun events to stimulate interest in, and support for, Fairtrade have been organised locally. Previous events have included:

  • An event for Hart and Rushmoor schools 'Fairtrade status for your school - it's never been easier!'
  • A Fairtrade wine tasting evening
  • A Mad Hatters Fairtrade tea party and charity cake sale
  • A Fairtrade baking competition
  • Healthy Fairtrade breakfasts
  • Fairtrade tea and coffee tasting event
  • Fairtrade short video competition for schools
  • Fairtrade raffles
  • Stalls at events such STOP Hart Green Event in the Hart Shopping Centre, Hartley Wintney Christmas Fair and Fleet Festivities.

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