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In Saxon times the area was called Fugelmere meaning a wildfowl lake and the name Fleet came from the Norman word "la Flete" (stream).

Less than 40 miles from London and with high speed rail and motorway links to London and the south coast, the town of Fleet is the administrative and commercial centre of the District. For many centuries it was an area of marsh and heathland with a sparse population, and its development stems from the arrival of the railway in 1840. This brought visitors from London to enjoy Fleet Pond, pine woods and silver birches and the beautiful scenery which inspired many to settle there. The residential and light industrial development is served by a good shopping centre which includes a broad selection of small independent retailers as well as the national chain stores.

Fleet is also well served with car parks, and sport and leisure facilities such as the Harlington Centre, the Hart Leisure Centre, and the Peter Driver Sports Ground. The "Views" meadow behind the Civic Offices and Harlington Centre provides a pleasant area of open space with a well equipped children's playground. Nearby Calthorpe Park is the venue for the annual Fireworks display and other local events such as Fleet & District Carnival and the Fleet Half Marathon.

The architecture of Fleet is varied and contains a mix of fine older Victorian properties as well as some striking new buildings.

Parish profile

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Neighbourhood Plan

Fleet Town Council submitted their proposed Neighbourhood Plan to Hart District Council in January 2019.  Following an independent examination, the Plan will now be subject to a local referendum. 

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

A referendum on the Fleet Neighbourhood Plan was held on 7th October 2019. 

The question asked was: 

“Do you want Hart District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Fleet Neighbourhood Planning Area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” 

The majority of those voting voted “yes” and therefore were in favour of the Plan being used to help determine planning applications in the Parish.

The full results can be viewed in the Declaration of Result of Poll.

The Fleet Neighbourhood Plan has passed the referendum and will now be brought into legal force (‘made’) as part of the Hart Development Plan. This is anticipated to be at the November Council meeting.

Information on the Referendum was published in an Information Statement which also identifies the Referendum Area:

Information Statement

A copy of the Referendum documents can be viewed from the links below:

Neighbourhood Plan – Referendum Version

Neighbourhood Plan Appendices – Referendum Version

Decision Statement including Statement from the Council relating to basic conditions and provisions

A summary of the representations submitted to the Examiner

Examiners Report 

Statement setting out information about Town and Country Planning and the referendum.

Neighbourhood Plan Examination

The Council undertook consultation on the Submission Neighbourhood Plan between January and March 2019. The Council appointed Andrew Ashcroft to undertake the independent examination of the Plan and all submission documents and comments received during the consultation on the submitted plan were sent to the appointed Examiner for consideration.

The Examiner's Report was received in June 2019.

A summary of representations received to the Submission Plan:

Full copies of the representations can be viewed below:

The Examiner, Andrew Ashcroft, provided a clarification note:

Fleet Town Council responded to the Examiner's Clarification Note:

Fleet Town Council also responded to representations received from Hart District Council:

And provided suggested amendments to the Town Centre policies:

Details of progress on the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed below:

Neighbourhood Plan Stage Detail
Examination: June 2019
Examiners Report received 19 June 2019

Submission Fleet Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

28 January to 11 March 2019

Fleet Submission Neighbourhood Plan

Appendix 1 - Schedule of Evidence

Appendix 2 - Map of Neighbourhood Plan area

Appendix 3 - Buildings of heritage and townscape value

Appendix 4 - Local Green Space designation evidence
Appendix 4 - Individual Green Maps

Appendix 5 - Character Area maps (full size)

Appendix 6 - Fleet Pond

Consultation Statement

Appendix 1 - Fleet Town Council Newsletters
Appendix 1 - Fleet Town Council minutes and resolutions

Appendix 2 - Organisations consulted on pre-submission plan

Appendix 3 - Pre-submission consultation questionnaire

Appendix 4 - Press Release for pre-submission plan

Appendix 5 - Social Media notification for pre-submission plan

Appendix 6 - Pre-submission consultation analysis

Appendix 7 - Steering Group recommendations to Town Council

Regulation 14 Responses Summary

Basic Conditions Statement

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulation Assessment

Habitat Regulation Assessment Review

Consultation on the Fleet Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan

For more information on this stage visit:


Fleet NP Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Determination, April 2018 This document sets out whether there is a need for the Plan to produce a Strategic Environmental Assessment. It concludes that there is no need for further assessment.
On 15 April 2015 Hart District Council approved the designation of the whole of the town of Fleet as a Neighbourhood Area, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Details of the Neighbourhood Area can be viewed below:

Fleet Town Council - Statement of Area Designation and Map

Further details of the Fleet Neighbourhood Plan will be available from the Fleet Town Council website.

Fleet Town Council contact details

Website:  www.fleet-tc.gov.uk

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