Fleet Pond Nature Reserve SSSI

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Please see our FAQs on the recent fish deaths at Fleet Pond lower down the page.

Site information

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  • Free parking (2.1m height restriction) No time restrictions
  • Fleet Train Station car park - charges apply
  • Signposted walks
    • Red (unsurfaced) 1km
    • Yellow (Unsurfaced) 3km
    • Blue (Unsurfaced) 4km
  • Information boards
  • Map and noticeboards
  • Picnic area
  • Benches
  • Bins
  • Fishing platforms
  • Viewing platforms

All group-led activities must contact the Education Ranger before they visit the site. Further information on organising educational visits can be found on our Education page

If you intend on pond dipping using your own equipment at Fleet Pond, please make sure you help us 'Stop the Spread'. Make sure you have contacted our Education Ranger before doing any pond dipping on Hart land.

Where you'll find it

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GU14 0LZ


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What you'll find there

Fleet Pond is the largest freshwater lake in Hampshire and the nature reserve has 54.6 hectares (141 acres) of varied habitats. The pond itself occupies approximately half of this area. The surrounding land features heathland, woodland, reedbed and marsh, and is home for many species of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and wildflowers. Fleet Pond is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI.) There are several benches around the site and a designated picnic area near the car park.

The area is managed by the Hart District Council Countryside Ranger Service in partnership with the Fleet Pond Society which provides generous support to the Countryside Rangers as well as offering exciting volunteer opportunities for the local community.

Fleet Pond has been given a prestigious Green Flag Award.

Please keep dogs under close control.

Toxic Blue-Green Algae

Fleet Pond experiences blooms of Blue-Green Algae during the summer months. Please keep an eye out for any warnings on site. When it is present on site please stay out of the water and keep your dogs under control; do not let them enter the water. If your dog does go into the water, please seek immediate advice from a vet. Any questions please contact the Countryside team.

Management Plan

Fishing and boating policy

If you intend on fishing using your own equipment at Fleet Pond, please make sure you help us 'Stop the Spread'. Make sure you have contacted our Countryside team to acquire the correct licensing for any fishing before visiting the site.


Top 10 species found at Fleet Pond:

  1. Adder
  2. Grass snake
  3. Slow worm
  4. Cuckoo
  5. Reed warbler
  6. Snipe
  7. Goldcrest
  8. Teal
  9. Common whitethroat
  10. Noctule bat

News and updates

  • Thanks to the colder weather we have been having, as of Friday 9 October, this year's Blue Green Algae bloom has cleared. Please remember even though the algae has gone that entering the water will cause disturbance to the protected wildlife and is not suitable for bathing.
  • Unfortunately, all activities and events for the time being for 2020 have either been cancelled or postponed during the current pandemic.
  • All volunteering is currently on hold, however if you are interested in helping out with volunteer tasks once they are up and running again, visit the Hart Voluntary Action website or call them on 01252 627070.

Death of fish at Fleet Pond

Hart District Council worked with the Environment Agency and Fleet Pond Society following the death of a significant number of fish at Fleet Pond during unusually high temperatures w/c 10 August. A clean-up operation has been completed and measures put in place to mitigate conditions.

Read our FAQs below for more information:



Fleet Pond now has its very own interactive app thanks to the Fleet Pond Society. The app includes trails, a map, points of interest, a gallery and additional information. You can access the app on Apple or Android.

Apple Link to the Fleet Pond Society App

Android Link th the Fleet Pond Society App


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