Hartley Wintney

The name recorded in the 13th century as Hertleye Wynteneye means "the clearing in the forest where the deer graze by Winta's island". Winta was probably a Saxon who held an island in the marshes of the Hart valley where a priory of Cistercian nuns was founded in 1190.

The village grew prosperous as a main road village, first as a stopping place from London to the Royal Palace at Odiham and then as a coach stop on the London-Exeter Road, the A.30.

Now it is known as a centre for the antique trade and is the proud possessor of one of the oldest cricket greens in England. Cricket has been played in this superb setting for over 200 years and Hartley men were playing for England in Napoleon's time.

Standing guard over the village's central common are the Mildmay Oaks, planted after the Battle of Trafalgar to provide wood for the nation's ships of the future. The village is also the setting for West Green House, an 18th century house now owned by the National Trust.

Parish profile

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Neighbourhood Plan

Hartley Wintney Parish Council submitted their proposed Neighbourhood Plan to Hart District Council in January 2019. The Plan sets out a vision and objectives for the future of the Parish and contains planning policies to guide the development and use of land in Hartley Wintney.

The Council undertook a six week consultation on the Plan between January and March 2019. The Council appointed Andrew Ashcroft to undertake the independent examination of the Plan and all comments received during the consultation on the submitted plan were sent to the appointed Examiner for consideration. These include the Submission documents set out in the Table below and a summary of representations received to the Submission Plan:

Full copies of the representations can be viewed below:

​The Examiner, Andrew Ashcroft, provided a clarification note:

The Examiner also prepared a separate series of questions for the Environment Agency. They relate to matters on potential flood risk on proposed allocated housing sites HWS1 and HWS3.

The Environment Agency responded to the Examiners Clarification note:

Hartley Wintney Parish Council responded to the Examiner's Clarification Note:

Hartley Wintney Parish Council also responded to representations received:

The Examiner has now published his final report.

The Examiner considered whether the Plan:

  • Has regard to national policy and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State
  • Contributes to the achievement of sustainable development
  • Is in general conformity with the strategic policies in the Development Plan
  • Does not breach, and is otherwise compatible with, EU and human rights obligations
  • Meets prescribed conditions and complies with prescribed matters and legal requirements
Neighbourhood Plan Stage Detail
Examination: May 2019 Examiners report received 22 May 2019

Submission Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

28 January to 11 March 2019

Hartley Wintney Submission Neighbourhood Plan

Building Design Guidelines

Basic Conditions Statement

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitat Regulation Assessment

Consultation Statement

Consultation Statement Appendix G Reg 14 Responses Summary

Individual Reg 14 Responses
Hart District Council
B Willis
Rio Homes Developments
Taylor Cherrett
Hook PC
Hampshire County Council
Bell Cornwell
E MacDonald
Barton Willmore
Turley Grange
Gregory Gray - Oakfield Farm
Gregory Gray - Taplins Farm
Nigel McGurk
Riverside Farm
Woolf Bond - Pools Yard

Equalities Impact Assessment

Consultation on the Hartley Wintney Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan

For more information on this stage visit www.hartleywintneynp.org.uk

Hartley Wintney NP Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening, September 2017 This document sets out whether the Plan needs to be subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and/or a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA). It concludes that the Hartley Wintney NP will need to be subject to a SEA, and that the Plan should include a specific policy on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area and provision of appropriate mitigation measures and be subject to a further HRA Screening.
On 2 October 2014, Hart District Council approved the designation of the whole parish of Hartley Wintney as a Neighbourhood Area, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Details of the Neighbourhood Area can be viewed below:

Hartley Wintney Parish Council Covering Letter: Neighbourhood Plan

Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan Area Map

Further details of the Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan are available from the Hartley Wintney Parish Council website.

Hartley Wintney Parish Council contact details

Website:  www.hartleywintney.org.uk

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