Local countryside projects

As well as the work the Rangers undertake, we have a variety of other nature related schemes which we are implementing across the district.  

The action plan

The UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) outlined a number of habitats and species that should be considered for conservation action back in 1994. The Country-wide plan also recommended that actions are delivered at a local scale. As a result a county BAP was produced.

Initially, the Hampshire BAP identified 455 priority species and 21 habitats in the county worthy of conservation action. The need for local action lead to the production of a series of actions plans for the various Hampshire districts, each aiming to deliver specific biodiversity enhancements suited to the local area. In early 2012, the Hart Biodiversity Action Plan was adopted.

An action plan for Hart

The Hart biodiversity action plan will be implemented by the Council’s Biodiversity Officer Paul Howe in partnership with other groups such as Parish Councils, friends of groups and other council departments. Projects which have already been implemented include the creation of wildflower patches throughout the district, the construction of a school pond and many other educational events including bioblitz’s and school assemblies.

The specific actions outlined in the plan fit into four broad categories:

  • Development control and planning policy
  • Monitoring and survey work
  • Land management and enhancement
  • Education and awareness

The plan also includes quarterly and annual reviews as well as a full five year review. This will allow the document to evolve and remain relevant and up to date.

How can you get involved?

If you would like advice or help with a potential project in Hart or would like some advice about local biodiversity then please email paul.howe@hart.gov.uk

The Countryside department sources funding which enables them to give back to the local community. Environmental enhancements supports larger projects such as the Cricket Hill Pond Restoration. Together these projects will help enhance the district biologically and aesthetically; really making Hart a great place to live.

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