Local Plan examination library 2018

Reference Document Date
CD - Core Documents    
CD1 Hart Proposed Submission Local Plan 2016-2032  February 2018
CD2 Hart Local Plan: Proposed Changes to the Adopted Policies Map February 2018
CD3 Representations to the proposed Submission Local Plan (Respondents order) June 2018 (updated August 2018)
CD4 Representations to the Proposed Submission Local Plan (Policy order) June 2018 (updated August 2018)
CD5a Sustainability Appraisal 2018 February 2018
CD5b Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary 2018 February 2018
CD5c Sustainability Appraisal Post-submission Interim Report  August 2018
CD5d Sustainability Appraisal Post-submission Interim Report Non-Technical Summary August 2018
CD6a Consultation Statement (Reg 22)(1)(c) 2018 - version 2  September 2018
CD6b Summary of Responses received to the Regulation 18 consultation with the Council's Response June 2018
CD7 Statement of Community Involvement July 2014 (amended April 2017)
CD8 Local Development Scheme February 2018
CD9 Duty to Co-operate Statement June 2018
CD10 Annual Monitoring Report 2016-17 March 2018
CD11 Schedule of Proposed Modifications to the Draft Submission Hart Local Plan - version 2 August 2018
CD12 Report to Cabinet and Full Council 3 January 2018 January 2018
CD13 Minutes of Cabinet Meeting 3 January 2018 January 2018
CD14 Minutes of Full Council Meeting 4 January 2018 January 2018
HOU - Housing Evidence    
HOU1a Hart, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) main report  November 2016
HOU1b Hart, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) appendices November 2016
HOU2a SHMA Review 2017 HRSH SHMA - Summary and Discussion of OAN in the light of DCLG's Proposals and Updated Data 2017 December 2017
HOU2b SHMA Review 2017 Annex 1-4 December 2017
HOU3a Hart Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Main Report February 2018
HOU3b Hart Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) - Appendix 9 Site Assessments - see under Documents at bottom of page February 2018
HOU4 Five Year Housing Land Supply June 2018
HOU5 Affordable Housing Background Paper March 2017
HOU6 High Level and Detailed Housing Site Assessments and Sustainability Appraisal June 2017
HOU7 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment August 2016
HOU8 2016-based Subnational Population Projections and Housing Need Using the 'Standard Method' June 2018
NSP - New Settlement Presentations    
NSP1 New Settlement Presentation to Members August 2017
NSP2 Murrell Green - written opinion from Anthony Crean QC July 2017
NSP3 Murrell Green - Framework Plan August 2017
NSP4 Murrell Green - Vision Document August 2017
NSP5 Murrell Green - Letter from Crest Nicholson August 2017
NSP6 Murrell Green - Letter from Bosch August 2017
NSP7 Murrell Green - Q and A response August 2017
NSP8 Winchfield Garden Community Document August 2017
NSP9 Rye Common - Vision Brochure August 2017
NSP10 Rye Common - Presentation August 2017
ECO - Economic Evidence and Viability    
ECO1 Hart Functional Economic Area August 2014
ECO2a Joint Employment Land Review 2016 November 2016
ECO2b ELR 2016 Appendix 1 - Hart Employment Sites November 2016
ECO3a Whole Plan and CIL Viability Study December 2016
ECO3b Viability Study Residential Appendices December 2016
ECO3c Viability Study Non-Residential Appendices December 2016
ECO3d Viability Study Addendum January 2018
ECO4a Hart Economic Development Strategy August 2015
ECO4b Hart Economic Development Strategy Action Plan September 2017
ECO5a Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study: Part 1 Development Needs (Hart and Rushmoor BC) February 2015
ECO5b Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study: Part 2 Town Centres (Hart DC)  February 2015
ECO6 The Enterprise M3 Strategic Economic Plan 2014-2020 March 2014
ENV - Environment    
ENV1 Hart District Council: Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area - Interim Avoidance Strategy November 2010
ENV2 Thames Basin Heaths, Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Project - Tariff Guidance, Natural England March 2011
ENV3 Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area Delivery Framework January 2009
ENV4 Green Infrastructure Strategy July 2017
ENV5a Hart, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath Water Cycle Study May 2017
ENV5b Hart, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath Water Cycle Study appendices  May 2017
ENV6a Landscape Capacity Study - Main Study and Appendix 1 2016
ENV6b Landscape Capacity Study - Appendix 2 2016
ENV7 Hart District Council - Urban Characterisation and Density Study 2010
ENV8 Hampshire Integrated Character Assessment March 2014
ENV9 Hart District Landscape Assessment April 1997
ENV10a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2016 December 2016
ENV10b Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Sequential Test January 2018
ENV10c Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 February 2018
ENV10d Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Maps July 2016
ENV11 North Hampshire Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development Study, AECOM March 2010
ENV12 Biodiversity Action Plan 2012- 2017 December 2015
ENV13 Habitats Regulations Assessment June 2018
INF - Transport and Infrastructure Evidence    
INF1 Infrastructure Delivery Plan June 2018
INF2 Transport Assessment 2018 January 2018
NP - Neighbourhood Plans    
NP1 Odiham and North Warnborough Neighbourhood Plan 2014 - 2032 Made June 2017
NP2 Rotherwick Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2032 Made December 2016
NP3 Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan 2015 - 2032 Made March 2017
NP4 Hartley Wintney Neighbourhood Plan Draft 2017
NP5 Fleet Neighbourhood Plan Draft 2018
OS - Open Space, Leisure, Sport and Recreation Evidence    
OS1 Hart Open Space Study 2016 - 2032 October 2016
OS2 Hart Playing Pitch Strategy, Final Report 2016 - 2032 February 2016
OS3 Hart Built Facilities Strategy 2016 - 2032 April 2016
OS4 Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study and Playing Pitch Strategy Overview Report and Executive Summary 2016 - 2032 October 2016
TOP - Topic Papers    
TOP1 Housing Numbers and Spatial Strategy August 2018
TOP2 Gaps between Settlements February 2017 - Updated June 2018
TOP3a Internal Space Standards for New Homes February 2017 - Updated June 2018
TOP3b Internal Space Standards For New Homes - Appendix A June 2018
TOP4 Employment February 2017 - Updated June 2018
TOP5 Accessible Housing February 2017
TOP6 Statement of Procedural Compliance June 2018
OTH - Other Documents    
OTH1 A Settlement Hierarchy for Hart District August 2010
OTH2 Draft Hart Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2011 - 2032 April 2017
OTH3 Draft Hart Local Plan Policy Maps April 2017
OTH4 Refined Options for Delivering New Homes February 2016
OTH5 New Homes Sites Booklet February 2016
OTH6 Draft Vision and Strategic Priorities February 2016
OTH7 Draft Vision and Strategic Priorities Background Scoping Paper  February 2016
OTH8 Housing Development Options Consultation Paper August 2014
OTH9 Sustainability Appraisal of Housing Development Options August 2014
OTH10a Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report April 2014
OTH10b Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - Appendix 1 Quality Assurance Checklist  April 2014
OTH10c Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - Appendix 2 Review of relevant plans and programmes April 2014
OTH10d Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - Appendix 3 Baseline Information April 2014
OTH10e Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - Appendix 4 SA Framework April 2014
OTH11a Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report April 2017
OTH11b Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report: Non-technical Summary April 2017
OTH12 Statement of Common Ground - Historic England - see SCG1  
OTH13 Statement of Common Ground - Housing Market Area - to follow June 2018
OTH14 Statement of Common Ground - Transport - see SCG2  
OTH15 Statement of Common Ground - New Settlement - to follow June 2018
OTH16 Equality Impact Assessment December 2017
OTH17 Statement of Common Ground - Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council - see SCG3  
SCG - Statements of Common Ground    
SCG1 Historic England July 2018
SCG2 Transport July 2018
SCG3 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council July 2018
EXAM - Examination Documents Documents Submitted During Examination Date published
EXAM1 Inspector's Response to Late Representation Request 20 July 2018


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