Business funding support totals £2.5m

The Council has paid out £2.5 million to 328 local businesses today as part of our COVID-19 support package.

Hundreds more payments will be processed over the next few weeks and any businesses yet to apply are encouraged to do so. There are currently five grants schemes open to businesses who have either been forced to close because of the national restrictions or who have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

Councillor James Radley, Deputy Lead of the Council and Cabinet member for Finance, said: ““I am very proud of the grants team at Hart who have worked tirelessly to process and get payments out to applicants. They have been able to balance the two conflicting imperatives, to deliver the money quickly because it is a lifeline to businesses while ensuring adherence with all the necessary checks which you would expect to be followed when distributing public money.

“I am personally aware of the excess personal time that they have put into this process and would like to publicly thank them on behalf of all the businesses that have benefited from their efforts. Their task is not easy and many people who listen to the government announcements which get made from number 10 don’t realise that it is often days, sometimes weeks, before the detailed mechanisms which must be employed to pay out such grants are published, which often gives the false impression of a delay.”

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22 January 2021