Residents win Christmas hampers

Two players of the Hart Lottery were each lucky winners of a Christmas Hamper in December’s additional Christmas draw. 

Mr Stone of Farnborough (pictured) bought Lottery tickets in support of Step by Step, a charity supporting local young people going through hard times.  

In receiving the prize Mr Stone said: “I am delighted to win this hamper, and in so doing, to be supporting Step by Step, a charity working to prevent local youth homelessness. The Hart Lottery is an easy way to support fundraising for causes benefiting local people.” 

Mr Williams, from Fleet, won the second hamper supporting the Hart Lottery general fund which is shared between Hart District Council’s Chairman’s charities.  

The Hart Lottery supports over 70 local good causes and raises about £27,000 a year. Tickets cost £1 and 60p of that goes to good causes.   Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week. The draw takes place at 8pm on Saturdays and there are various cash prizes, as well as a jackpot prize of up to £25,000.  

In presenting the hamper, Patricia Hughes, Joint Chief Executive, Hart District Council said: “Congratulations to the two winners of our Christmas hampers which are in addition to the normal weekly cash prizes which can be won. The Council is immensely pleased that the setting up of the Hart Lottery in 2017 has been such a success in supporting local good causes.”  

The Lottery is free for good causes to join. Further information on how to sign up and play can be found on the Hart Lottery website at

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