Household Enquiry Canvass 2018/19

The Household Enquiry Canvass has now been completed for this year with the new Register of Electors published on 1 December 2018.

A review will take place in January 2019 to look at removing people from the Electoral Register who have not responded to the canvass last year or who we believe no longer live at a property.

Invitation to Register

Electoral Records Officers will be visiting properties across the district to obtain information from residents who have not responded to Invitation to Register forms sent to them following completion of Household Enquiry Forms.  To avoid a visit from an Electoral Records Officer, the quickest way to register is to go online to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Electoral Services

The Electoral Services Office is responsible for compiling and maintaining the Register of Electors. In order to vote at an election or referendum your name must be on the Register of Electors.

We organise and manage all the elections for Hart District Council.  We also run other elections within the district on behalf of the Crown for the Hampshire North East Parliamentary Constituency and referendums when called by Parliament. Hampshire County Council and your local Parish Council also contract us to run elections for their authorities on their behalf.

Who is your Councillor?

Find out who your local councillors are by entering your postcode or see the full list of District Councillors.

How to contact Electoral and Registration Services

Email: elections@hart.gov.uk 

Phone: 01252 774077

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