The Hart district is a great place to live. This means that demand for housing in the area is high. In this section of the website you can find a range of information that you will find useful, whether you have lived in the district all your life, or are looking to move into it.



Housing Service

Our Housing Service consists of our Strategy and Development Team, our Private Sector Housing Team and our Engagement and Support Team (Housing Options).  All our teams are able to provide you with information, assistance and advice on a range of housing issues.  If you would like to talk to our Officers within the Housing Service please call 01252 774239 or Housing@hart.gov.uk.

Our Housing Service aims to:

  • Ensure an adequate supply of housing
  • Enable local people to find their own housing solutions
  • Make the best use of existing housing
  • Create sustainable homes and neighbourhoods

The way in which the service delivers on these aims is explained in more detail in the Housing Strategy. This plan is reviewed regularly and agreed in consultation with other organisations and Councillors representing the public interest.

In 1994 Hart District Council transferred all its housing stock to Sentinel Housing Association, now Vivid. They, along with various other Registered Providers or Housing Associations provide affordable housing in the District. We continue to hold the Housing Register for their rented properties and advertise any vacancies each week at www.harthomes.org.uk. We also provide housing advice to all that require it, helping people find their own housing solutions.

Hart District Council has an ongoing commitment to preventing homelessness and works in a collaborative way with local partners to tackle and minimise homelessness effectively.  The Preventing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy sets out Hart's approach to dealing with this issues.

You can also access information about other services that provide advice, guidance and support and many of these can be found in the Housing Directory of Services.

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