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On this page you can find out information about how you can get involved with elections.

Guidance for candidates standing for election, and their agents, including nomination forms and how to comply with spending rules can be found on the Electoral Commission's web pages.

Recruitment for elections

We sometimes need temporary election staff. This is usually at election time and when we're preparing the new electoral register.

If you are interested in working for us at election time please complete the election staff online application form, and then either post back, or scan and email, a completed bank details form. We will then contact you with regards to the entitlement to work checks (see below).

Election staff

Before the election

Elections are usually on the first Thursday of May. In the run-up to the elections and on election day, we need:

These posts may be fixed or variable hours for one day or a number of days to be agreed.  

Payments are around:

  • £255 for a presiding officer
  • £160 for a poll clerk

Election Fee Summary May 2020

Fees paid are the same across Hampshire and are agreed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight election fees working party.

Hampshire & IOW Fee Structure (2020/2021)

Recruitment for Electoral Records Officers

We compile a new electoral register every year between September and November when we ask people to let us know who should be registered at their property. We need Electoral Records Officers to help us with this work.  Find out more about what is involved as an Electoral Records Officer.

If you are interested in this role, please complete the Electoral Records Officer online application form, or contact us and we can either email, or post an application form to you.  If you are appointed, you will also need to provide a jpeg photograph of yourself so that we can produce your ID card.

Entitlement to work in the UK

If we appoint you to one of these positions, you will have to show you are entitled to work in the UK. You will need to provide one of the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A full birth certificate issued in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland, plus an official document giving your permanent National Insurance number
  • A residence permit, registration certificate or document showing you are entitled to live in the UK permanently

Other forms of entitlement - contact us for more information.  The UK Border Agency also provides information on working in the UK if you are a European national and working in the UK if you are a non-European migrant.

If you have any enquiries regarding electoral services please contact us:-

Electoral and Registration Services
Civic Offices
Harlington Way
GU51 4AE

Telephone 01252 774073, 01252 774157 or 01252 774158 or email

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