Hart's Green Grid

The Basingstoke Canal

Hart's bold new vision for the 21st Century - Hart District Council has a vision to create a Green Grid across the district and we want to hear from you to help us shape what that would look like. 

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The survey will close mid April 2020

What is Hart's Green Grid?

Last year Hart District Council adopted its Vision to 2040. This Vision includes the ambition to create routes between all settlements to encourage walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable healthy transport. As well as connecting communities together, there is an opportunity to connect people to existing green spaces and other key destinations. These links and green spaces collectively will become Hart's Green Grid.

Hart’s Green Grid will encourage walking and cycling as well as creating wider opportunities for active recreation and leisure, with potential benefits to health, local ecology and biodiversity.

The next step to realise this ambition is to develop a strategy to deliver the Green Grid. 

Developing the strategy

In January, the Council held a workshop with key stakeholders from across the district to help understand the requirements of all potential users so that the Green Grid can become a valued and versatile resource. Together we explored opportunities to improve health, wellbeing, ecology and biodiversity.

The University of Winchester facilitated the workshop and its presentation is available to download.

This workshop has helped us to shape the questions we would like to put to our community, such as 'Who will use it?' 'Where should it go?‘ and 'What should it look like?'

Tell us what you think

There are 14 questions in the survey, which will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please click on the link above to contribute to the survey. The survey will close on 31 March 2020. For information on how the Council will use any personal information we collect and the Council's Green Grid Consultation Privacy Notice please click here.

What happens next?

The results of the workshop and the survey will inform the Green Grid strategy. We will publish the draft strategy and undertake additional consultation (likely to be Spring 2020), so please watch this space!


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