Country parks

What is a SANGS?

SANGS - Suitable Alternative Natural Green Spaces - are country parks or green spaces that have been specially created or enhanced to provide high-quality areas for dog walkers, residents and visitors. These sites are the primary focus for recreation, thereby reducing pressure on protected areas such as heathland habitat.

The Thames Basin Heaths Partnership

Thames Basin Heaths Partnership logo

What is it?

The Thames Basin Heaths is a network of heathland sites spread over 8,200 hectares (82 square kilometres) across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. It is classified as a Special Protection Area (SPA), forming part of a European network of sites of international importance for nature conservation. The project is a partnership of 26 organisations and funded by contributions from all new residential dwellings within 5km of the SPA. To find out more about the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership, visit  

Why does it exist?

Unfortunately, the Thames Basin Heaths SPA is under threat from growing recreational pressure and population growth. Disturbance to rare wildlife means we could lose some of the species that make the heathlands so special. There are also other problems such as fly tipping, dog fouling and even arson.

What does it do?

The Thames Basin Heaths Partnership Project is a tool used to lessen potential impacts from increased local housing development. 

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